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Miter Health empowers Home Care and Telehealth agencies with innovative solutions

Miter Health Software​

Home Health Workflow Portal​​

Miter Health offers an innovative software suite that streamlines healthcare workflows, increases client efficiencies, and drastically reduces administrative tasks.

Homecare agency management software

Customizable, Flexible Portal​

  • Customize our solutions as per the roles and responsibilities
  • Template-driven workflows streamline the process, ultimately reducing manual and paperwork
  • Deserve a comprehensive well-recorded view and maintained document system accessible anytime in your ecosystem
  • Transform into a data-driven decision-making healthcare organization, by using your patient-centric data as a knowledge base
  • Its less learning curve reduces the staff training program during transitions
  • Multi-tenant application supporting multiple branches our your organization network. 
  • Accessible to anywhere, anytime any location to authorized roles

Goal-Driven Patient Care

  • Our solutions achieve the individualized goals that are suitable to your niche in healthcare

  • The intuitive nature of solutions guides the staff to perform their duties under their roles and responsibilities

  • Automated and template-driven solutions reduce the time required for documentation improving the patient experience

  • Quick enrollment and billing enhance trust in staff and organization
  • Real-time updated patient data makes it easy for staff working in shifts to know their patient’s journey. 
Healthcare Management Software
Homecare Software Solutions

Exceptional Business Model

  • Our core solutions are flexible enough to build your strategies and assist you in complaining HIPAA, EPR
  • Regulate your business with laws, policies, rules, and standards with ease
  • Automated process reduces administrative work, complies the staff to follow their process
  • It increases workflow efficiency by allowing you to prioritize your work and analyze the current situation with a glimpse of previous cases
  • A cloud-based solution that provides, scalability, disaster recovery, and mobility at optimal cost
  • Acts as an umbrella to enhance your collaboration with multiple departments and caring facilities located at different geographical locations

Benefits for Care Providers

Senior Living Home Care
  • One-stop solution to manage your caring facility at one click, in one location.
  • Seamless connection and collaboration with staff serving in your organization
  • Reduces time required for paperwork, documentation, reporting, and administrative tasks.
  • Create and use templates and workflows to streamline your processes.
  • Comply with policies for ease in audits and internal assessment.
  • Secured role-based access to authenticated uses, anywhere, anytime.
  • Ease in retrieving your archived data for analysis and critical decision making.
  • Easily integrates with systems and provides IVR, fax-based automation to secure your data.
  • Transitions, new hires, shifts made easy with a low learning curve. 
  •  Protect your data with a cloud-based solution for easy data recovery at the time of disaster.
Easy-to-use homecare software

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Homecare Software Solutions

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